Deputy Commissioner’s Message

Human civilization in the 21st century is more inter-connected, networked and technologically empowered than ever before. Amazing feats of scientific and technological advancements have inextricably networked communities, countries and people on different continents, reducing physical distances to naught. We are well and truly living in a ‘global village’ having mutually interlinked interests, common goals and intertwined destinies.

Quite understandably, giant leaps in information technology and staggering proliferation of the internet have made an overwhelming contribution in this unparalleled convergence of cultures, economies and societies. The all-pervasive and over-arching influence of the world wide web has not just enabled a real-time and faithful exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge across the globe but also offered hitherto unheard and unimaginable tools and solutions for better governance, efficient service delivery and launching initiatives and programmes for larger public good.

The conception, development and hosting of this official website of the Deputy Commissioner’s office, South-West District is a noteworthy and progressive step in our continuous endeavor of marching towards a citizen friendly, responsive and transparent governance. It is our incessant attempt and desire to constructively and consistently engage with our enlightened and noble citizenry and other esteemed stakeholders so as to achieve ever-greater levels of success and proficiency in our common goals and aspirations.

It is my sincere hope and ardent desire that the website succeeds in achieving its intended objective by creating greater awareness amongst the public as also eliciting the much-valued feedback and suggestions aimed at bettering the system further. I heartily congratulate the Information Technology Department, GNCT of Delhi and National Informatics Centre (NIC) for its perseverant efforts and hard work in designing, developing and hosting this website. I wish them all success in their future endeavors.