Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

Date : 02/10/1975 - | Sector: Welfare


Launched in 1975, Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) is a unique early childhood development programme, aimed at addressing malnutrition, health and also development needs of young children, pregnant and nursing mothers.

ICDS consists of 4 different components, namely:

  • Early Childhood Care Education & Development (ECCED)
  • Care & Nutrition Counselling
  • Health Services
  • Community Mobilisation Awareness, Advocacy &Information, Education and Communication



Objectives of the Scheme1are broadly classified as follows:

Institutionalise essential services and strengthen structures at all levels:  Implementing ICDS in Mission mode to prevent under nutrition

  1. Strengthen ICDS- AWC as the first village post for health, nutrition and early learning.
  2. Focusing on children under 3 years.
  3. Focusing on early child care and learning environment o Moving from outlays to child-related outcomes.
  4. Fostering decentralization and community based locally responsive childcare approaches.

Enhance capacities at all levels:

  1. Vertical integration of training of all functionaries to strengthen field based joint action and teamwork to achieve desired results and objectives.
  2. Establish national training resources centres at Central & State levels.

Ensure appropriate inter-sectoral response at all levels:

  1. Ensure convergence at the grassroots level by strengthening partnerships with PRIs, Communities, Civil Societies to improve Child development services.
  2. Coordinate and network with all Government & Non- Government Organisations providing services for children.

Raise public awareness and participation :

  1. Strengthen maternal and child care, nutrition and health education.
  2. Raise public awareness at all levels about vulnerabilities of children.
  3. Inform beneficiary group and public about availability of core services.
  4. Promote social mobilisation and voluntary action.

Create database and knowledge base for Child development services:

  1. Strengthen ICDS Management Information System (MIS).
  2. Use Information, Communication Technology (ICT) to strengthen the information base and share & disseminate information.
  3. Undertake Research and Documentation.


Children 0–6 years of age. Pregnant and lactating mothers. Women 15–44 year of age. Since 1991 adolescent girls upto the age of 18 years for non formal education and training on health and nutrition.


Improved health, nutrition and education (KAP) of the target community.

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