National Health Mission

Date : 12/04/2005 - | Sector: Health


National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched in April 12, 2005 to address the health needs of the underserved rural population especially women, children and vulnerable sections of the society and to provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare.

The National Urban Health Mission, (NUHM) was launched in May 2013 and was subsumed with NRHM as a sub-Mission of the overarching National Health Mission. (NHM). Many unique practices were encouraged like innovations in healthcare delivery practices, flexible financing to the states with strengthened monitoring and evaluation component for better health outcomes and health indicators of the states.

The vision of the NHM is the “Attainment of Universal Access to Equitable, Affordable and Quality health care services, accountable and responsive to people’s needs, with effective inter-sectoral convergent action to address the wider social determinants of health”.

NHM focuses on decentralized health planning, service delivery, creating knowledge hubs within district hospitals, strengthening secondary level care at district hospitals, expanding outreach services, improving community processes and behavior change communication, human resources development, public health management, and health management information systems. NHM particularly focuses on equity: prioritizing the health of tribal populations, those in LWE and urban poor. A key outcome of NHM is to reduce Out of Pocket expenditures. Health outcomes, output and process indicators are monitored through large scale surveys conducted periodically with evaluations, use of HMIS data, and periodic reviews done.

The main aim is to create a fully functional, decentralized and community owned system with greater inter- sectoral coordination so that wider social determinant factors affecting health of people like water, sanitation, nutrition, gender and education are also equally addressed.


All people specially those belongs to poor category.


Good quality and safe medicines, diagnostics, and the rapeutic procedures will be accessible, available and affordable to the beneficiaries

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